Neurofeedback – fun mental training for children


Koturaška 51, Zagreb, Croatia

Sara Dugić, mag.psych

Neurofeedback therapist
Street Ivana Kukuljevića 5, 10000 Zagreb
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About Sara

Sara is a Master of Psychology and a neurofeedback trainer. She has the most experience in working with children of preschool and school age. She worked as a professional associate psychologist at the institution of early and pre-school education and education. She has focused on working with children and being in this area to further educate through various education and participated as a lecturer at national professional conferences. From 2015. in continuity, she is involved in education for the children's integrative psychotherapists.

In UMO neuroscience, she works as a neurofeedback therapist and participates in the development of technology and software solutions for biofeedback and neurofeedback systems.