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Through the game we learn the brain to achieve optimal brain wave patterns.

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What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a noninvasive and entertaining method for normalization of brain activity. We use an EEG amplifier to enhance or inhibit certain brain waves that control video games and audio visual contents, e.g. cartoons. It can be said that in neurofeedback the player plays the game with his mind, and by controlling the game they control their brain waves.

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How can I know if my neurofeedback can help my child?

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What difficulties does neurofeedback remove?

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How long do neurofeedback effects last?

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How long do I have to go to neurofeedback?

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We are dealing with a serious thing, then why playroom?

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The use of neurofeedbacks for children and adults

Focus improvment

Learn how to focus mental energy and achieve goals.


Learn how to reduce the symptoms of depression and to feel better.

Creativity improvment

Learn patterns to deliver your own creative potential

Learning difficulties

Reduce dyslexia, dysgraphy and discoloration problems.

Attention Disorder

Efficiently remove the symptoms of attention disorder.

Migraines removal

Suppress headaches and feel better, more focused and happier.


Reduce the symptoms associated with epilepsy.

Peak performance

Learn how to be the best when it is most needed.

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RTL Direkt 13.07.2017.

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