Neurofeedback – fun mental training for children


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Much research has been dealing with QEEG and finding specific markers for a large variety of difficulties. It has been found that children who have attention difficulties and hyperactive problems (ADD/ADHD) have significantly more slow (theta) and less fast (beta) brain waves in the frontal and central brain areas (Mann, Lubar, Zimmerman, Miller & Muenchen, 1992., A. Barabasz, Crawford & M. Barabasz, 1993.). Thanks to these findings there is a protocol for treating these symptoms and decreasing their intensity. The goal is to increase stimulation from the inside (to speed up the brain) in order to decrease the need for finding stimulation from the environment.

Some of the most representative research can be found below:

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Research that has been defining the impact neurofeedback training can have on enhancing symptoms related to autistic disorder spectrum show a great increase in concertation, sustaining attention, better social communication, and decrease in stereotypical and aggressive behavior, but also lesser speech impairments (Thompson i Thompson, 1995., 2003.; Linden, 2004.; Jarusiewicz, 2002.; Kouijzer et all., 2009.).

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On one of the largest medical databases you can find more than 800 research examples on the topic of neurofeedback.

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